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Xiamen Huaju Industrial Co., Ltd. the trust shown to us from existing and potential customers and other stakeholders are our greatest asset. This trust is the foundation of our business. Trust is based on respect, including integrity, which among other things mean that we always collect, store and handle company information and personal data responsibly. For us, it is also important to be transparent and as such open with what information and data we collect and save and how we handle it. 


Our responsibility 

We maintain the protection of company information and personal data for all stakeholders by treating the data entrusted to us in a careful and responsible manner, including complying with applicable data protection legislation. By collecting, saving and managing personal data, we as an organization are so-called data controller. In all contexts where company information, personal data or other important information is stored and handled by us or by someone else on our behalf, all reasonable and appropriate measures are taken to protect data from irrelevant use, unauthorized access, unintentional dissemination, improper alteration or destruction. In the event of a personal data incident, reporting takes place to responsible authority based on Xiamen Huaju Industrial Co., Ltd. localization. We never sell company information or personal data to third parties. In some cases, we share necessary company information and personal data to partners to ensure high quality in, for example, delivery of ordered goods (to freight forwarder), delivery notifications (to transport administrator), invoicing (to invoice administrator) and debt collection management (to debt collection administrator). In all cases where we share personal data, we have established so-called data processor agreement that regulates the partner's rights and obligations. Your company information and your personal data are safe with us. 


Freedom of choice 

You always have the right to correct incorrect company information and personal data, the right to take part of the personal data that we have collected, saved and handled, the right to object to our continued use of personal data and to have personal data deleted. All provided that we as so-called data controller does not violate any legal requirements or makes it impossible for us to live up to entered agreements and/or violate our legitimate interests. 


Why do we collect, save and manage information and data? 

We collect, save and manage company information and personal data to be able to fulfill entered contracts and agreements made, for example when answering presented inquiries to us, when handling placed orders to us, to confirm orders, to present delivery notifications and deliver ordered goods. We also collect, save and handle company information and personal data due to legal requirements - among other things related to our obligation under accounting and tax legislation. With reference to legitimate interests, we also collect, save and manage company information and personal data so that we as manufacturers can, among other things, communicate relevant product information and offers, including any information about deviations in access, deliveries or the intended use of products. All data collection, storage and handling are made to ensure, among other things, an effective communication with the right information to the right person via, for example, but not limited to telephone, text message, mail and e-mail. 


Which information and data do we collect, save and manage? 

We collect, save and handle company information and personal data that you provide to us, for example when you become a customer to us, when you place orders to us, enter into agreements with us, contact our customer service, make a potential complain, fill out forms on our website, respond by e-mail and answering cards or apply for a job by us. We also collect, save and manage information and data from external sources, for example via business and address registers and when you visit our website. Since we mainly cooperate with you as a business entity, we predominantly collect, save and manage general company information such as company name, company registration number, VAT-number, telephone number and address, which is linked to a legal entity. This is not personal data (unless you run a sole proprietorship) and is not covered by data protection legislation. Personal data is instead all kinds of data that can be linked to a living person. We also collect, save and handle certain personal data thatdirectly or indirectly, can be linked to a person, such as first and last name, mobile phone number and personal e-mail address. When taking references or making other type of communication in anyone of our media channels, we potentially also collect, save and handle image and video material. 


How do we use collected information and data? 

Collected and saved information and data are used in our internal analysis work, for information and marketing purposes, in our customer service work, in our order and delivery management, in our invoicing, in our follow-up work and to inform about any quality deviations. Collected information and data are also used to meet legal requirements, including requirements after legal verdict. 


As a general rule, we store company information and personal data for as long as it is required to fulfill the above purposes or as long as we are required to do so by law. 


If you have further questions about our processing of company information and personal data, you are welcome to contact us via chinahuaju(at)gmail.com or +86 592 559 4418.